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diagnosegerät für mercedes w124

On-board computer for Mercedes M111\M104 (HFM, PMS) based tablet/smartphone OBD2(ELM327)

Everyone who diagnosed the motor using the software knows how awkward each time carry a laptop, connect the adapter to the car under the hood before diagnosis. There are beautiful solutions for modern cars (OBD Diagnostics)-ELM327 WiFi/Bluetooth adapter is in the glove compartment or is constantly in diagnosis socket and can be from your phone or tablet to read errors, view parameters, and you can use as board computer ( program HobDrive ). But the Mercedes 93-98 year was not available.

I solved this problem for HFM (engines Mercedes M111 and M104 with MAF) and system PMS (engines Mercedes 111 with MAP sensor).

Took the usual Chinese adapter ELM327 bluetooth and replaced program (firmware) of the microcontroller so that she could read Mercedes engines with HFM and PMS systems.

At this point the adapter tested on vehicles:
'98 C180
'95 C200
'94 C220
'97 C230
'96 C280
'95 E200 (PMS Siemens)
'94 E220 W124
'96 E230 W210
'93 E280
'94 E280 ASR\Tempomat
'95 E320 ASR
'95 G320 W463
'95 SL280 W129
'98 ML230 W163
'96 Vito 2.3 (PMS Siemens)
'96 SsangYong Musso 3.2
'97 SsangYong Korando 2.3

ELM327 adapter which I used as the "hardware":

2015-2017 г.
2013-2014 г.


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Review OBD2---> W124 M104 (HFM SCAN) Thailand


SmartPhone OBD II for W124(HFM/PMS Motors)


ELM327 from Hfmscan, connection via WLAN or USB with Smartphone and Hobdrive ...



As you know, for there are many diagnostic programs ELM327 virtually any platform (IOS, Android, Symbian, WinMobile, Windows Phone, Windows) both paid and free, and all of them can read and erase error, show OBD motor operation parameters.

Often requires some Setup, that is, you create your screen and has a variety of sensors (temperature, speed, etc.) in such a way as it is convenient and easy to understand.
Some programs provide the ability to graphically display signals (e.g. lambda in the schedule builds). There are programs that can be used to calculate the fuel consumption.

You can use the following programs on their devices:



  HfmScan program (version 1.35 and later) has the ability to work through the adapter ELM327 (Bluetooth, WiFi, USB) reprogrammed in 2015.
Hfmscan menu "Adapter" to choose the type of adapter "ELM327 HfmScan" and the communication port.
Now you can diagnose any engine with HFM or PMS and you have access to all features of the program.
  The speed is 1.5-2 times lower than when using USB KKL adapter.

All images are clickable!

You may use any OBD program with this adapters, for example:

HobDrive for Windows (free)

OBD Auto Doctor


IOS (iPhone, iPad)
For IOS need ELM327 WiFi adapter! IOS not work with ELM327 bluetooth!
EOBD Facile
OBD Auto Doctor
OBD Car Doctor

Engine Link



All images are clickable!

Torque Pro

EOBD Facile


OBD Auto Doctor

OBD Car Doctor

ScanMaster Lite

and others


HobDrive Demo(free) on Android\IOS\Windows

Site developers

To me the most, in terms of settings, like the program HobDrive established in Russia. Nominally, it provides an interface to the "On-board computer", but it also allows you to create your own screens and put in there whatever you want.

You do not have to configure this program to all files I will give.
Below an pictures of the screen phone, received by car Mercedes (E280).

There are pages of scanner that I created to fit your needs for diagnosis of the motor.
Everyone can change the position of the elements (sensors) on a page, as well as change the name of the element

Engine operation settings:

Mixture formation:

STFT1 - O2 Sensor control %

STFT2 - Long Fuel Trim on IDLE mode

LTFT1 - Long Fuel Trim on Lower Part Load

LTFT2 - Long Fuel Trim on Upper Part Load

adaptation Options mixtures (STFT2, LTFT1, LTFT2) must be close to 0%. significant deviation (> 15% in either direction says about carburetion).

Barometric Pressure-pressure calculated by the ECU (as is much of 95-100, the problems with the adaptation of the throttle curve, or MAF)

Idle speed:

FlagIdleSpeed - 1-the gas pedal is released, the 0-accelerator pedal pressed
FlagPN - Specifies whether the neutral/parking for cars with automatic transmission. 1-0-transfer, parking included
FlagAC - a sign of the air conditioning compressor
Flags affect the momentum of the IDLE and the load are described above, further from the new

ThrottleDriveVoltage - voltage with a potenciometr2 throttle, this feedback when adjusting the idle, when the ECU adjusts the momentum.
ThrottleDriveStep - control motor throttle
The photo went unpaid in the parameters ThrottleDrive, because the car is equipped with a block and EFP ASR controls the damper, i.e. ECU HFM does not see these settings and do not control the damper.

It should be noted that the ECU's 93 years HFM is not some parameters such as voltage VDC supply voltage, ThrottleDriveVoltage, ThrottleDriveStep.

The paid version of HobDrive allows you to also draw graphs, measure the acceleration to 100 km/h and more, but for now I'm using only free, therefore, to lay out a more interesting images do not have the opportunity to



How buy adapter, Price, Contacts?

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